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Latitude 40 degrees 35.0 minutes North Longitude 73 degrees 35.2 minutes West. Page last updated February 20 2017 14:57 EST
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Status notice, 1/24/2017:
1) We have installed a new higher resolution 1600x1200 pixel camera at the station.
2) The station page now features a panorama generated from the new camera images. Individual images are available by clicking the appropriate links.
3) The new camera views (and panorama) are slowly creeping west. We will periodically reset the views until we can obtain a replacement camera. Old camera views are unaffected. We regret any incinvenience.
4) Predicted water level and measured-predicted level not reporting correctly. Will address as soon as possible.
Weather, Water Quality, and Tide Observations
at Town of Hempstead East Marina, Reynolds Channel, Point Lookout.
Time 02/20 13:48  Maximum, last 24 hr Minimum, last 24 hr
Measured water level 1.8 feet NGVD29 2.8 feet NGVD29
at 02/20 02:12
-0.4 feet NGVD29
at 02/19 19:42
Predicted water level
(astronomical tide)
1.5 feet NGVD29    
Measured - predicted level
0.3 feet    
Tide direction
Rate of change
0.4 feet/hr
Average wind speed 8 mph 17 mph
at 02/20 12:36
2 mph
at 02/19 20:54
Wind direction NW: 305 deg true    
Wind gust ND mph 20 mph
at 02/19 16:42
Gust direction ND: ND deg true    
Wind speed change
(3 hour trend)
Air temperature ND deg F (ND deg C) 62 deg F ( 17 deg C)
at 02/19 15:00
43 deg F ( 6 deg C)
at 02/20 06:00
Relative humidity ND % 70 %
at 02/20 04:42
30 %
at 02/20 12:18
0.00 inches
( 0.00 cm)
Barometric pressure ND in Hg (ND mbar) 30.21 in Hg (1023 mbar)
at 02/20 09:48
29.83 in Hg (1010 mbar)
at 02/19 15:00
Barometer - 3 hour trend falling    
Total Solar Radiation ND W/m^2 686 W/m^2
at 02/20 11:42
Water temperature ND deg F (ND deg C) 43 deg F ( 6 deg C)
at 02/19 20:00
41 deg F ( 5 deg C)
at 02/19 15:00
Salinity ND PSU 33.0 PSU
at 02/20 02:12
31.0 PSU
at 02/19 19:48
Turbidity ND FNU 4.8 FNU
at 02/20 01:48
1.2 FNU
at 02/19 17:12
Dissolved Oxygen ND mg/l 14.7 mg/l
at 02/19 20:12
11.3 mg/l
at 02/20 02:12
Chlorophyll ND ug/l 10.0 ug/l
at 02/19 15:12
9.4 ug/l
at 02/19 15:36


  1. Tide, weather, and water quality instruments operated by and data courtesy of the New York Water Resources Division of the United States Geological Survey.
  2. Archived images from the old camera are available at Refer to the readme file in that directory for file naming conventions.
  3. Archived images from the new camera are available at Refer to the readme file in that directory for file naming conventions.

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