LIShore - Webcam Image Archive.

Directories of time-lapse shoreline images are accessed by anonymous ftp to
Directory L1 -- Shinnecock Inlet, Hampton Bays, New York, USA
Directory L5 -- Point Lookout, New York, USA
Directory L6 -- Stony Brook Harbor Entrance, Stony Brook, New York, USA

File naming convention:
Archived image names take the form LXayyyymmddhhmm.jpg, where
LX = site identifier
a = optional camera view identifier
yyyy = 4 digit year
mm = month
dd = day
hh = hour
mm = minute
Time zone is always GMT.

For example, L1200208191945.jpg was taken at site L1 at 1945 GMT / 1545 EDT on 19 August 2002.

For site L5 (Point Lookout), from March 2002 through July 2005 there is a single image with "L5" site identifier that is a view
east from the station. From September 2007 onwards there are five overlapping images covering in total a 180 degree field of view:
L5A = east (approximately the same as previous view)
L5B = southeast
L5C = south
L5D = southwest
L5E = west

To keep directories at manageable size, older files are periodically moved into subdirectories by month, i.e. directory L1/200202 would contain images from camera L1 (Shinnecock Inlet) for February 2002.

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